Overview of Mobile Ticket

No more queueing for your clients with simple, secure and stylish Mobile Tickets

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If you are in the process of organizing an event, a conference, an exhibition or a party, you will get excited with Mobile Tickets, a new convenient and efficient tool that will save you time and money.

Mobile Tickets can be used as the access mechanism to your venues or as invitations. It works with an efficient and reliable validation tool and is complemented with great reporting.

Set up your event in minutes and get started. There is no need for any investment, nor equipment _ no need to be IT certified engineer either.

Getting Started:

  1. Register and enable mobile ticket services to your account
  2. Choose the type of event you want to run
  3. Create your mobile ticket using provided free Online Ticket Creator
  4. Deliver purchased tickets to your clients via SMS, Multimedia Message or Email
  5. Use provided scanning and validation mechanism to validate Mobile Tickets
  6. View realtime reports and analytics
  7. Stay in touch with your clients even after your event has finished preparing them for the next, using provided simple and effective Mobile Marketing tools

Available Mobile Tickets Campaigns at your fingertips:

Simple Mobile Ticket - Create and distribute in minutes 100% secure mobile tickets for your event.

Mobile Invitations - If you need to invite large group of people in for a free event or a party then Mobile Invitations will help you.

Multiple Entry Mobile Ticket - Ticketing for multi stage events has never been easier and never had such detailed reporting before.

Mobile Member Cards - If you need to build a members club, then mobile member cards will let you save time and money.

Mobile Tickets Tools

We provide you with all the tools you will need in order to easily create professionally looking mobile tickets:

Online Mobile Ticket Creator

online mobile card creator

Create impressive mobile Tickets easily and with no experience using our online mobile coupon creator.


Mobile Ticket delivery mechanisms

Μηχανισμοί διανομής Mobile Coupons

Instantly deliver mobile Tickets to your customers mobile phones using SMS, Multimedia SMS or Emails.


Scanning and Validation of Mobile Tickets

Scanning and Validation of Mobile Tickets

Use provided Mobile Ticket Scanning and Validation Mechanism in order to securely scan and validate your customers Mobile Tickets.


Looking to replace paper tickets with electronic mobile tickets?

If you are organizing events then why not go mobile save time and money and at the same time serve your customers better. Transition is easy, just Import your existing ticket codes in our system and we will make sure to deliver unique mobile tickets to your customers.