Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Tickets

Not really. There are several templates to use and also the choice to upload your own design.

No you will never need to create or upload any barcode. We do that for you.

Of course, just import a .csv or .txt file with your codes, and we will make sure a unique code from your list is given to any new generated ticket every time.

QR Code, Aztec, PDF417, Code 39, Code128 See different barcode types here.

if you have a PC and Internet connection then you may just need a barcode scanner, or you can always type codes with your keyboard. Remember that there is an awesome application that you can use with iOS/Android smartphones and tablets, that will assist you in securely scanning and validating Mobile Tickets sent from our platform.

All types of mobile devices are supported. Mobile Tickets can be sent as simple text messages as well as image/multimedia message.

Data is exchanged using https and is securely encrypted, so be calm.

A scanner license is a license code needed to activate Mobile Ticket scanning and validation mechanism in order to identify the transaction spot for any of your events.

No not really if you can use a pc connected to the internet instead with or without scanner device.