Mobile Tickets Advantages

No more costs for printing Paper tickets

There is no need for printing or pre-ordering of paper tickets.

User friendly technology that allows clients to always carry their Mobile Tickets or invitations with them

Allow your customers to easily store Mobile tickets to their mobile phones.

Technology Compatible with Any Mobile Phone

Mobile Tickets can be distributed as simple SMS text messages, as Multimedia Messages (SMS with a Weblink) or even Email.

Use Social media, and the web to sell or distribute your tickets

Your clients can get tickets for your event from Social Media or your website.

Start Profiling your Clients

Get to know your customers better by analyzing the kind of events they attend to. Use this information to separate customers in groups and address them separately.

Eco friendly solution

Mobile Ticketing is an ECO friendly solution. Communicate this to your clients. Who doesn't appreciate that!!!

100% Secure Solution through personalization

Each Mobile Ticket contains a unique code making it impossible to be admitted multiple times.